Slurry Collar Floats

Viscount Rotational Mouldings (VRM) provide a diverse range of slurry collar floats, varying from capacities from 22 litres up to 2,000 litres. (Capacities of floats are based on fully submerged floats.)

Quality Manufacturing

VRM’s slurry floats are manufactured from high impact UV-resistant polyethylene, ensuring their performance in the toughest marine environments. All floats can be foam filled with polyurethane upon request for increased durability.

Simple Installation for Easy Applications

Features of the slurry collar float include easy installation as well as tapered ends, ensuring less drag and streamline profile reducing the risk of entanglement.

The slurry collar float is made in two sections that can be either bolted or strapped together around the hose or pipe. Internal grooves enable the fitment of spacers or sleeves to adjust for pipe fitment and restrict movement along the pipe.

Adaptable internal polyurethane spacer discs are available to suit the FL3010 with a hose or pipe diameter of 10mm – 130mm. These discs can be easily machined to suit actual pipe sizing while offering a supportive cradle clamp to the hose or pipe.


VRM makes slurry floats that utilise stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers to maintain maximum durability.

The largest of the slurry collar range (2,000 litre. capacity) was designed to offer excellent buoyancy on water as well as impressive structural strength on land. This six-piece product is easily assembled on-site and can handle loads in excess of two tonnes if used in a tidal environment. Internal grooves provide location for optional clamping rubbers or pipe locators.

Choose Your Colour

The standard colour for VRM’s slurry collar floats is orange, however a range of other colour options are available upon request.

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