Telecommunication Products

Polymer Pits

Viscount Rotational Mouldings (VRM) offer a comprehensive range of new telecommunication products, including polymer pits designed for use in a range of cabling and telecommunications applications.

Our new telecommunication products provide a unique sidewall design that offers the necessary structural integrity to withstand the loads applied by the compaction of the surrounding soil while still supporting the vertical loads required in general use.

Range of Sizes

Our polymer pits come in a range of standard sizes and are made from black UV stabilised polyethylene. The built-in cutting guides on all the pits ensure fast transformations of the pit height when installers require a reduction or increase in the depth of the pit or for general instalment. VRM’s pits have been designed, developed and approved in conjunction with the major Australian Authorities in telecommunications and energy supply.

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Injection Moulded Pits

VRM also has a range of injection moulded polymer pits. From the P1 pit to the new P5 pit, VRM continues to develop products to suit the changing needs of the infrastructure market. This range of products offers:

  • Strength
  • Low weight
  • Rigidity with transport
  • And storage efficiencies that are hard to beat

Disassembling Option

The innovative P5, 3-piece pit has the option to be disassembled for fast reinstatement applications. Made in 3 sections the pit can be broken down into its basic elements by simply unclipping the tabs.

Quality Pit Design

The new single piece P5 pit offers the highest standard in pit design encompassing: strength, low weight, nestability and efficient production techniques resulting in a superior, cost effective product.

All VRM products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZ ISO 9001 Australian Standards.


VRM has been in the industry for over 25 years and can offer customers experience, as well as quality new telecommunication products and more. Contact us today on 1300 366 685 to speak to someone about your specific needs.


Telecommunication Products Products

Code Product A B C

lp1 service pit

520 (Ø) 230 408

lp2 service pit

655 (Ø) 287 565

lp3 service pit

780 (Ø) 350 625

lp4 service pit

710 (Ø) 400 830

lp5 service pit

710 (Ø) 455 635

lp6 service pit

1375 (Ø) 615 685

lp7 service pit

1020 (Ø) 550 1110

lp8 service pit

1375 (Ø) 631 900

lp9 service pit

2100 (Ø) 610 920

p1 iniection pit

505 (Ø) 225 404

p2 iniection pit

657 (Ø) 286 574

p3 iniection pit

771 (Ø) 351 634
All measurements in millimetres

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