Product Spotlight: Viscount Rotational Mouldings’ Detector Pit and Lids

15novViscount’s Detector Pit and Lids
Detector Pit:

VRM’s Detector Pits are manufactured from strong UV stabilised black Polyethylene.

They provide an alternative to expensive, heavy and fragile, concrete cable housing.

Plastic Resin Lockable & Nonlockable Lid

Manufactured out of high density polyethylene, the plastic detector pit lid is available both as lockable and nonlockable.

The lockable lid comes with a bolt mechanism to secure the lid to the pit. Both lockable and nonlockable lids are tethered to the pit.

Cast Iron Lid:

VRM provides the full service; pits and lids included, ensuring a perfect fit and assembly every time. The Detector Pits’ Cast Iron Lids are manufactured from high strength, ductile iron grade 600-3 to AS1831, enabling lightweight construction while maintaining maximum strength and integrity.

  • VicRoads approved (#PA 030 264)
  • Class B 80kN load rated to AS3996:2006
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Blends in to surrounding environment.
  • Nameplate options available
  • 300mm galvanized chain for tethering lid to pit
Starts: Wednesday, 16th March, 2016