Viscount Rotational Mouldings respond to industry demands – launching new pit.

The 600mm X 600mm X 900mm Pit is to satisfy the electrical, drainage and rail markets. Manufactured from UV stabilized black Polyethylene, this Pit is both durable and lightweight. This Pit is designed to be used with a Class B galvanised steel lid or grate. The Pit can accommodate 2 x pipes of 100mm diameter, with belmouth fitting, passing through the lower portion of the sidewall. Also a 150mm diameter pipe can be used in the top section of the Pit in between the ribbing.

The height of the Pit can be reduced utilising the two cutting guides in the lower section. The height of the Pit can also be increase, by using the top half of an additional Pit to create an extension collar. That will then be fitted on top of the original Pit. For more information on the 600×600 Pit or any other of the VRM range, contact the friendly team at VRM today

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Starts: Wednesday, 16th March, 2016