Viscount Rotational Mouldings (VRM) has been providing buoyancy solutions to Australian companies for over 25 years. We produce an extensive array of slurry floats, hose floats, pontoon floats and pipe floats that are manufactured to customer requirements.

Diverse Range

We understand the importance of keeping things afloat, which is why VRM offers customers a range of:

  • Slurry collar floats. We have a diverse range of slurry floats, varying from 22 litre capacity through to 2,000 litre capacity.
  • Hose collar floats. These are moulded from high impact, chemical resistant, UV stabilised, tough, top grade polyethylene for a superior quality solution.
  • Pontoon floats. These have a flexible design, which allows the attachment of decking, fabric and beams for all your buoyancy requirements.
  • Pipe floats. Our pipe supports are designed to be used either individually or in a tandem formation supporting the pipe or hose.

Our wide range means that you can keep things above water regardless of the project or environment. Contact us today on 1300 366 685 to find out more.

Made From Quality Materials

All of our products are made from chemical resistant, UV stabilised polyethylene, which means when you purchase goods from VRM, you know you are getting something that is weather resistant, chemical resistant and reliable.

VRM’s products are designed to withstand the toughest marine conditions.

Choose Your Colour

We aim to offer quality solutions that perfectly match client requirements, which is why we offer customers the option of having purchases moulded in a range of colours. We also offer the option of having your products filled with polyurethane foam for increased durability.

Flexible Application

Our products can be used in a wide range of applications, such as aquaculture, marinas, mining, dredging and more. The possibilities are endless as to where and what you use goods for.

VRM offers an extensive range of buoyancy support for pipes and cables, but should you have a unique requirement VRM can design and manufacture a buoyancy solution for your specific needs.

Contact us today on 1300 366 685 to find out more.