Underground Tanks

Part of Viscount Rotational Mouldings’ (VRM) tank range is the Toroid underground water tanks, available in 3,000Ltr. and 5,000Ltr capacities.

All Toroid underground water tank units are inter-connectable, so potentially an unlimited water storage solution can be created.

The patented ballast systems allows for gross loading on the tank. The Toroid underground water tank is an ideal solution for those who are constrained by space.

VRM’s Toroid underground water tank was designed after recognizing a need in the industry for an underground tank that is structurally strong, resistant to hydrostatic lift pressure and easy to install.

Made from chemical resistant, food grade, LLDPE resin, the Toroid underground watertanks have been designed to withstand external forces with an S.G. of 2.1. The chemical resistance of the tank has a profound effect on the underground tank’s life span and maintaining hassle free water storage.

The design of the Toroid underground water tanks shape gives the tank their superior strength. Heavy rib profile and a central void allow the surface load to be transferred away from the tank itself. So installations under driveways and garage floors are now possible.

Download the Toroid underground water tank catalogue for more information or contact the team here at Viscount today!